Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Missionary Miracles in the TNM:

“… a random car pulls up to us with two women in it. She said," Your the elders right?" we said yes she then said, i want you to come over to my house and start teaching me please...... i will be there all day tommorow and the next few days also can i get a book of Mormon....... we gave her a book and off she went….. We went over and started teaching her and said she is so interested and that life is great whenever the missionaries are in her life. MIRICALE # 1. SO the next day we are walking by the same area and a guy name Tim comes out of his house and says.. "HEY, your from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints right?" we said yes and he said can i borrow two dollars, then can you please come over and start teaching me more about Jesus Christ????...... Lastly Thursday night we are in the elevator and we are heading up to Billys and we recieve a call from a investigator who we just barley contacted us, we met him twice before and said he my brother in law will be in town on the 22 of December i want him to baptize me into the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS........... O my heck it was awesome to see all the incredible miracles that have taken place, it is crazy to think that although president is in the hospital it was able to receive revelation in our areas.   I am amazed how if you have faith God will provide….   Brittany will be baptized Saturday at four thirty.”

“Another miracle: the family that we were helping move is a less active couple with two children, we had been helping them move over the weekend and invited them to church and also invited them to join in fasting for Sister McKee. They both arrived on Sunday even though they had street clothes (all of their "dressy" clothes were packed) and were present for a wonderful fast and testimony meeting.”

“Today has been an exciting day.  We feel we have found a perfect location (and building) for the “historic meeting” scheduled on January 6th.  To us, it is an answer to prayers.  We asked Sister Mardi Veazey to accompany us because of her business knowledge & personal skills with contracts and renting real estate.  She has been a great help.”

“This week we had 4 investigators at church and 2 less actives. Pat ….. is already being a missionary and she’s not a member yet.”

 “ We'll be having that baptism of the family of the Investigator you met at Stake Conference this week, so that will be exciting.”

“The Gospel does not take the hard situations out of our life, but it Does give you the strength to get through them! I know that to be true from my own experience and this is only building upon that testimony!”

“ we have one investigator that has been to church 3 times and we are inviting him to be baptized on Thursday!”

“ Guadalupe and 3 of her kids are getting baptized on Saturday.”

“Jesus is someone we are working with, he said this was the first church he has been to that he actually likes!  He is doing real well.”

 “Tuesday we received a voicemail from our dear Brother Cunningham informing us that he was going to be baptized next week in Texas!!!”

"Excuse me, is there a pastor here that I can talk to?" I was shocked. Our district leader and his companion went out to talk to him, they were gone pretty much the whole time. They came back in at the end and informed us that he is going to be baptized on the 29th of December. After we closed the meeting, Elder….. told us … this man and his family are in our area! He also said that this man was in the military and had killed a lot of people, so he felt extremely burdened with guilt, insomuch that he was going to step out in front of a car in front of the church, but something nudged him to go in to the church!!!! What a miracle!!!!”

“ I'm sure this thought has already crossed your mind, but I can hardly believe it is coincidence that of the 15 prophets, seers and revelators visiting our mission this weekend, the one the Lord assigned to come is the heart surgeon, Elder Russell M. Nelson. I'm sure this brings peace to your family as he will be able to offer comfort, counsel, insight and understanding that no one else—not even one of the other apostles or prophets—could do in quite the same way.”

“We were really bold with an investigator yesterday. It actually felt good.”

“ We baptized two Korean girls Saturday, … Seo and …. Seob, and it was a great experience. They have come so far from the stories I have heard…”

“We discussed President Monson's stories that he tells and found that there is always a lesson tied to a story. We concluded by deciding to write one lesson that we learn each day. This gives me more reason to write in my journal. Afterwards I flipped through my old pocket notebook (my new one is filled with combat scriptures) in which I had written some profound things that people had said. The ones which I had written down the persons name with the statement. I was able to remember everything about when it happened. I am determined to write one thing that I have learned each day in my journal.”

“Our companionship alone had 6 investigators at church yesterday and four of them are new investigators who have a desire to be baptized. We will be setting dates with 2 of them tomorrow. The other 2, (a father and son from Nepal) will be baptized on the 14th of December!! I am thankful for the change I have been given to labor here among Heavenly Father's children here. I love this work. There is nothing more fulfilling that I can be doing!! This is truly a happy way to live!!”

“and we intercepted him and said, "we are messangers of Chirst and we have a very important message for your family."  After we said that we were immediately rushed inside, greeted by the family and they all sat down to listen to us. We taught them about the restoration and committed theThe father and the son to be baptized and they accepted and said they would come to church. My companions are such great teachers! It was so powerful. While the boy was explaining to his father about the role of the Book of Mormon, he paused and said, "do we need to read the whole book to know if this is true?" with a willingness that they would if they needed to.”

“Be sure to tell her we had a double baptism on Saturday of 2 Korean girls just for her. The Spirit was so strong and they were confirmed the next day. We had an investigator at church as well who told us that he knows he needs to be baptized he just doesn't feel knowledgeable enough. Our next lesson will be on the importance of baptism and how it is the gate and first step. We will set a date with him this week, for Sister McKee! just 20 seconds of insane courage!!! I love you tons. Have a great day!!!!!!”

“Starting on Thanksgiving and continuing even now we've been sharing a special message with our members. We've typed up notes from the apostolic blessing Elder D. Todd Christofferson left with our stake just over a month ago. We printed this powerful blessing on a small card for members to place on their refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, etc. So many members have been touched by this simple reminder of a powerful blessing. One member said she would purchase a frame for the card and hang it in her living room. Another said he would treasure it for years to come. The universal response has been one of gratitude and awe—awe that an apostle of the Lord would invoke such a powerful blessing in such uncertain times. As part of our message we've often shared Jacob 4:6, reminding members that there are prophets in the land again, and that they truly hold the power to "command in the name of Jesus and the very trees...[and] mountains...[and] waves of the sea" obey. Since sharing this message we've nearly tripled the number of referrals we've received from members.”

“Another miracle came in another church.  We attended a Pentacostal service Wednesday evening.  The preacher, a kind elderly sister, asked if either of us played the piano since their usual pianist was sick.
I offered my services and was able to play for the church, though quite poorly. However, the best part was during the sermon, the preacher asked Elder Oliver and I to come up and share why we were there.  We took the opportunity to bear testimony of Christ and invited all to learn more”

“we sat down and talked with her and she told us that she is ready to be baptized. Its truly amazing how when you try and be obedient and trey and become like Christ that miracles happen.”

“We had a great miracle we had a baptism this weekend. It was a great experience. Her name was Bonnie Stevens. Her husband has been inactive most of his life and last Sunday we gave him the priesthood and he was able to baptize his wife. It was a remarkable event. always expect miracles. we need to use the small little things to make great things come to pass.”

“ Our baptismal date, Delilah, has experienced spiritual conversion ….. She is now very confident in her date and she even bore her testimony during testimony meeting yesterday! She is having surgery for cancer next week so we are going to try to move her date up to this Saturday. We also set a date with another one of our investigators, Mike, and he is solid! He is going to be a great member and kingdom builder.”

“I was a stubborn Catholic and after 18 lessons with the missionaries I finally committed myself to pray and ask. Before my knees even hit the ground I heard a voice said to me "You already know it's true" I was gone after that." So amazing.”

“ We baptized a family of 3 last weekend and it was a beautiful service. They went through so much opposition and I was amazed to see them dressed in white walking into the water after thinking about all of the trials and struggles they had gone through. The Lord hears and answers prayers. There is absolutely no doubt of that in my mind”

“I read one of them called "A Consecrated Missionary." By Ted McCallister. Oh my. It changed my life. I want you to know President that becoming a consecrated missionary is my quest here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission. I have this huge ball of potential burning inside of me. It talks about how changing behavior brings to pass a changed nature. It tells you exactly how to be and what things we have to put of the "sacrificing altar" so we can make our will His will. I prayed to Heavenly Father and promised Him I would do all that I can and give all that I am to become one of His consecrated missionaries”

“This past week of missionary work has been great. we had a baptism Saturday and set a date on Sunday with one of our investigators, AJ……. His first time ever attending a Mormon church and he decided to get up and bare his testimony saying that he knows the church is true, and that the Book of Mormon is the true word of God, and that he can't wait to be baptized into our ward!”

“Jeffery is being baptized this Saturday! …... He is doing really well. He has received a priesthood blessing for quitting smoking, and for opposition, he knows what we have taught is true. He says he is going to hold on to that truth.”

“had 2 amazing blessings from doing role plays in companion study! One.. we went to a part member family, aubrey is the mom and she knows the gospel is true, so we role played and felt like we needed to invite her to be baptized. So after supper we drive out to their house, and not even like more than the first five minutes, we follow up and link to Christ, and she comes out and says she is ready to be baptized!! And elder …… and i looked at each other like what?? It was so cool! So we read 2 nephi 31 with her and the spirit was so so strong! I love those teaching moments.”

“We were prompted to go and visit a potential investigator that we had not seen in a while. When we showed up she invited us in. She started to share with us how life is so hard for her and her kids and how she needed a spiritual boost and peace and comfort at this time in her life. As we talked we related the Book of Mormon to her and how it could bring that happiness and comfort in to her life and we also taught her how Christ true church was restored to the earth and that it is still on the earth and that there is living apostles and prophets on the earth today. As we taught her about all of this she was in awe. She also committed to being baptised on December the 29th. As we were leaving she told us that we had showed up just at the right time in her life she also said that she knew that God had sent us to her.”

“Jeffrey is getting baptized! He is a stud. he had been smoking since he was 13. he is now 23. and week committed him to stop smoking and he gave it up that very day! it is awesome to work with those people who understand and recognize the spirit and even better when they act on the promptings they receive! Jeffrey has changed and become a new person! It is such a testimony builder to me to see the atonement of Jesus Christ heal and change men. there is an awesome quote from one of the apostles the says, " the gospel of Jesus Christ makes bad men good, and good men better." That is exactly what is happening to Jeffrey.”

“We found 6 new investigators this week”

“We were able to solidify a baptismal date with Carly ….. Carly told her mom that she prayed and received an answer to join the Mormon church, and her mom consented and said she could get baptized!!!!”

“Many wonderful things have been able to happen in the past week.  On Saturday four missionaries were able to participate in a parade float, and were able to use ward members to pass out more than 75 copies of the Joy to the World DVD's along with copies of the Book of Mormon.”

“we'll be having a baptism this Saturday the 8th! Katie …… has agreed that she is ready to make this commitment with the Lord by entering the waters of baptism. We're all very excited and so is she!”

“All the member and our investigator bore testimony on how they knew the church is true. Jeanette our invetigator discribes the spirit as "a possum ran over her grave" meaning that she feels it like a tingle running up her back. She said that "although I am not a member I believe this is the true church" she also spoke of the love that she feels.”

“We talked about The Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When we were explaining the Gospel of Jesus Christ she started to cry. We were feeling the Spirit and asked her to be baptized.”

“We finished our week with 31 lessons taught, new investigators found, and with amazing experiences. Time and time again I have the spirit bear witness to me just how true this gospel and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints really is.”

“ we had a baptism this past weekend it went really well the lady that got baptized is so enthused”

“we just baptized a a wonderful sister named Bonnie ….her husband was able to do it. it was the most wonderful thing I have seen.”

“ I learned something new this week that I never really had taken advantage of before in missionary work. We were teaching one of our investigators and she was really stuck on the fact that her baptism wasn’t valid. We shared a scripture with and he and committed her to right then and there pray and ask her Heavenly Father if what we had taught her was true and if indeed she needed to be baptized again. It was a very spiritual experience for me and my companion, we committed her to be baptized on the 15th of December.”

“I was just reading through my email from my father and he said that he received a missionary visit this last week and that he has invited them back. It put me to tears immediately and I know that this is a miracle from Heavenly Father. This is such a boost for me. The Lord is very much aware of us and even this small and simple thing has given me so much joy. I love my mission so much. It has changed my life and it is preparing me for my future as a Priesthood Holder, Husband, and Father. I am learning more about the gospel every day. I am being converted to the Lord more and more with every experience”

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