Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Dec. 5, 2012

One of the themes in our mission is EXPECT MIRACLES. “All they who wrought miracles wrought them by faith.” Ether12:16 for “God hath not ceased to be a God of miracles.” Our missionaries are watching for them daily as they go out to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are continually so thankful for the miracles in the mist of challenging times. We acknowledge the Lord in all things and trust that He knows exactly what we should be going through that would help us grow throughout our lives. We experienced another miracle today as Sister McKee’s temperature began to return to normal and her blood pressure leveled off.

As the day progressed her fever broke. They believe that the IV lines going into the neck and arms must have some infection and all were pulled today. Antibiotics were increased and by afternoon Sister McKee began to respond by wiggling her feet and fingers at times. We have created a system where she can blink once for yes and twi
ce for no for communication with us. When she has the strength to blink it works out very well. By tonight she was very worn and hopefully will rest well. She is on her 14th day in ICU and we find it fascinating how strong her desire for survival is. We love her and know that so many of you share in that love. We thank you again for prayers and we will be praying worldwide again at 12:00 Tennessee time if anyone would like to participate . Another miracle, a nurse was late today so a sweet nurse named Michelle covered for the nurse and came in and combed Sister McKee’s hair. I haven’t dare touch it because of the pain in her head with a drain tube coming out the front of her skull and a huge cut in the back of the skull but this kind sweet nurse carefully made it all beautiful while continuing to care for her in such a professional way. Another miracle. We have experienced many miracles and know that the Lord will provide even more as we have faith in Him and show our love for Him. All that we have we owe to the Lord. Thank you for you love , faith and prayers.

The William McKee family

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