Monday, November 19, 2012

Miracles in the Tennessee Nashville Mission!!

“ We found a family that is really great, we were out walking to an investigators home and it started sprinkling a little rain. They were outside their house about to leave when we walked by them. We greeted them and asked them if we could serve them in anyway, they said no and we went on to go to the investigators home. The investigators we wanted to see weren't home so we walked back and this time they initiated the conversation, "aren't you guys getting wet in the rain?" We started talking to them and it stopped raining, which I don't think was a coincidence. They asked us if they could come to church with us and we gave them each a copy of the Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. There are close to 7 that could progress to baptism soon, and they have relatives that they mentioned might be interested in meeting with us, we are going there tomorrow to follow up on that and teach them more” 

“We are always helping each other become better. This week we had four investigators at church, and they all said they really enjoyed it. I have a goal for this week to love my companion to help him with just little things.”
“We've set a goal to set 5 dates this week and we have prayed about it and both feel they are ready. It will be an exciting week.”
“ We had two baptisms this past weekend!”
” He has been investigating for years now and has set his own date for sometime next week! He has an AMAZING testimony of the Book of Mormon, Christ and His atonement, and the restored church!! It is awesome.”
“our main investigator, Roman ……., got up and bore his testimony about what a great experience he had getting to meet and shake hands and talk with an apostle and how ever since that night he's just felt peace and joy all the time!”

“Sister Luanne ….. will be baptized on November 24 and yesterday when her and her husband came to church she said that she LOVED it, and really felt the spirit during sacrament!=) Heavenly Father has DEFINITELY prepared this wonderful woman, and her family!
She also made mention about her husband wanting to make their marriage eternal! I LOVE IT!...FOREVER FAMILIES is what we are out to give, and it is ALL made possible through our Savior, Jesus Christ and His
“We received a referral the other day from members in a different ward.  They referred us to one of their friends in our area.  Her friend went to a Baptist church here in Hendersonville.  In church they handed out Anti-Mormon pamphlets to their congregation.  It got her so mad that she left the Baptist church.  It led her to start reading the Book of Mormon.  She loves the Book of Mormon and wants us to meet with her.  We will be going over to her house this week.  How cool is that! “

“We have two baptisms coming up! Lou's is this Saturday at 1 and then we have another one the Saturday following! It’s going to be awesome!”
“What a beautiful week! We had a baptism! It was a fantastic Baptism and the spirit there was so strong.”
“The people are so great. We had Liliana's baptism this weekend, and it was such a great experience for everyone there. We had 10 investigators! :) There were 97 people there!”
“On Wednesday night we attended a Church of Christ service. We had previously been teaching Chris, the Minister there. We are currently teaching Otha, a woman who is a member there and she invited us to come. She was thrilled to see us walk through the door and just about every person in the congregation introduced themselves after the service. We had a chance to talk with Chris for a few minutes and he said that although we haven't been able to meet recently he's been following my blog. He asked if he could share a few things that I've written in their church bulletin! Um...of course!!!”

“ We went to church (Not expecting anyone to be there... I know, expect miracles...) and three people came to church! One of my favorite friends here, Stephany …… came. completely surprised, she told us that she wasn'tgoing to come, or be able to come. She told me as soon as I saw her "Miracles do happen!" The same thought was in my mind when I saw her. Thank you Heaven for watching over my companion, our area, and our friends.
“LILIANA GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaahhhh so happy!! ,”

“he thanked me again and he told us he wants to make a change. He came to church yesterday for the first time in his life. …………. He is a ex member to Hells Angels, and so it was really different for him, he only came to sacrament and loved it. Half way thru church he called us and said......... how can i be baptized? Can i Be Baptized soon?? so we will be having another baptism soon!!!!!!”

“The zone had 30 people at church this past week!  Many members brought their friends to church.) Anyways it was awesome because at the end I shared my testimony and talked about how I didn't ever want to be a missionary and how I wasn't really doing the right things in my life. Then I talked about how how the Book or Mormon changed me and changed my decision. I talked about how I read the whole book in 2 weeks and that night I got a text from one of our investigators. She said "I really loved your testimony today you are an inspiration to this generation. If it took you 2 weeks surely I can do it in 4. I want to know. I want that assurance. I want the spirit that you and others possess." It was so awesome to hear that! It just proves to me that the Spirit truly does carry our words to the hearts of the people that we teach. It was an awesome experience!”
“ I'm grateful for my opportunity to serve here and I'm continually seeing more and more how this mission is converting ME more and more to the gospel.”

“ Aaron ….. told Sis Escobar and I that he is going to serve a mission!!!! We are SO PROUD of him! He is a huge example to us of a disciple of Christ. He helped us teach a lesson Saturday night. You would have never thought that only a few months ago he didn't believe in God. He has truly been spiritually converted.”
“We currently have 16 dates set some shaky but some solid and a few to reset. There is so much to do and that is going on with such short amount of time it almost seems impossible to do it all. But i know that is what satan wants us to think. Each day we strive to teach all that we can and at the same time talk to each person we can. (My companion) is really good at doing that. But were always looking for more of Gods children who are ready for baptism and he has blessed us tremendously. Only two weeks ago we maybe had 1 member a week come out with us but within the last week in a half we have had more members than we have had in a month come out with us. We have so many splits we are doing now cause the ward sees how much success this area is having and they now want to help. It’s so nice because (my companion) and I can go see many more people and get more work done. I hope that we can continue to do this and do all we can do to invite people and prepare them for baptism.”

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