Friday, November 30, 2012

Alma 34:38

Family and friends, (and that ye may live in thanksgiving daily for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you) - Alma 34:38

Thank you SO much for the tender mercies you have all shown and continue to show for the McKee family. As you all gathered together today, all ten of our children and spouses gathered as a family around Sister McKee's hospital bed. We sang hymns and then k
nelt down around her bed in prayer. We pled to The Lord that her life would be saved as well as acknowledged to him that "Thy will be done." The spirit was strong in the room as we all parted. I requested some alone time with Sister McKee for the afternoon. As all ten of our children returned this evening, We began singing hymns of joy. During this experience, Sister McKee opened both eyes and moved her left foot. This lasted for over a minute and we could all see her communication with us. It will be a wonderful step for continual recovery. We know that The Lord answers prayers and thank you again for your faith and prayers in our behalf. We also know that this is only a beginning and trust that The Lord will build upon this foundation for further progression. We will continue "Doing all things in prayer and Thanksgiving" as we seek to follow him. We Love All of you and will keep you updated.

-The McKee Family


  1. Hello to Sister Mckee's Family,

    I will continue to labor in mighty prayer for Sister Mckee and the family.I admire the strong Faith that has been demonstrated,the family is truly united...Heavenly Father has witness the love and prays of his children...God Bless

    Bro. Bobby O. Kees

  2. Dear Brother and Sister McKee,
    I never get on Facebook, but I do have a BLOG for my third grade classroom. I got this link from Sister Joy Reece. I just wanted you to know how amazing I think you are along with your wonderful wife and children. My family joins with thousands of others as we pray for you each day. May we all learn from your beautiful example of faith and trust in our Heavenly Father.
    Moroni 7:33: And Christ hath said: if ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsover thing is expedient in me.
    I love this scripture and I love you.
    May Heavenly Father's love blanket you daily.
    With Much Love and Concern,

    MaryLynn Graham

  3. The whole Florida Jacksonville mission is fasting this weekend for President and Sister McKee and the entire McKee family. May the Lord be with you, heal Sister McKee and comfort all involved!

    We love you,
    President and Sister Barry

  4. We were told by a friend of ours (Jessica Gray) about your family. We have been praying here in Milwaukee for you all. Such a scary, but spiritual, time. Our family is praying for Sister McKee's healing and comfort for the family. What an inspiration you are - even during this time!

    Eric, Susan, Brett & Scott Hogg
    Greenfield, WI