Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Little Update:

Dear family and friends,
Our children informed me that it has been way to long since we shared our gratitude with you again for your constant love and prayers. Thank you. We are continually feeling your prayers and your support everywhere we go. We cannot even begin to express how much we appreciate all of you. The healing journey for RaNae still continues. She was able to have surgery at the Moran eye center in Salt Lake City in December. At first she wondered about the choice she had made as she described her after surgery days as feeling though salt was being poured into her eyes but after several days the pain lessened and her double blurry vision changed to single vision. Another tender mercy and miracle. No more patches on eyes while she reads or plays the piano and organ. It has been so fun for all of us to see her enjoy her music so much again and to not have to patch every time she really needs to see something. We visit often about the blessings of those who have trained themselves so well to do such intricate and successful surgeries so that others might enjoy more of life. She still suffers with dizziness but is walking down to the mailbox and back most days with a walking stick (one of her favorite Christmas presents). She attends physical therapy and balance therapy three times a week and works so hard to rebuild her heart although it is apparent that much of her weakness is from the heart not pumping enough blood. She will save up energy and come with me to speak at firesides, sacrament meetings, stake conferences and is assisting me teaching a missionary prep class at Idaho State University LDS Institute. That's like giving candy to a baby to ask a past mission president to teach that class. We love it so much and have around 50 attending each Thursday.

Our 16 year old daughter Aubrey is running for Pocatello Jr. Miss at present and is busy teaching piano lessons. Kiara 15 up every morning at 5am to prepare for colorguard which she faithfully practices and performs every morning at 6am. Destin 11 is traveling to Idaho Falls each week to work with Seattle Talent. they selected 25 children from 350 to try out for TV commercials which has always been her dream so now we will see if she can make enough to pay for college. I am working part time in my counseling office again as we now have two missionaries to support. Kylie is loving every minute of her time in San Diego at the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center. She serves part time there and in a missionary area part time. Angie will leave in three weeks to go to the MTC in Mexico and then on to Ecquador. She is the 6th child to leave as a full time missionary  from our family if you do not count our Mission President experience. We are so humbled that they have chosen to go out and serve especially after just returning from a mission. This era of missionary service is so remarkable on the earth today. There is nothing on this earth that can compare to it. Where would you find over 80,000 young men and women volunteering their time and money to go out and share a message about our Savior Jesus Christ. They truly are the miracle happening on the earth today. They go because they love the Lord and are immediately put into a schedule that would rival anyone's work day. They are put with companions from around the world that they do not know, sent to areas that they are totally unfamiliar with and taught to follow the spirit in order to accomplish the Lord's work. Where on earth would you see such a miracle! This gospel is such a blessing to so many and teaches us so much as we testify and witness of a 2nd witness of Jesus Christ and of the atonement. As we all use the atonement each day we will find that through the grace of God we will be able to become more like Him. This is a gospel of 2nd chances and a wonderful opportunity for all to return to Him no matter where we have been. As the world changes rapidly it is even more imperative that we follow the Savior and live His commandments. Our united faith will be the answer that will anchor the world back to the Lord. We are continuing to learn so much about the Lord's will versus our will and acknowledge Him every day for the bounteous growth and experiences that we are receiving. We did not get many Christmas greetings out this year but do want you to know that we love you all and thank you again for your love, kindness and support.
William and RaNae McKee


  1. Bill and RaNae.... I have so loved reading and following this blog. It is so inspiring and uplifting. I would love to sit and share how my life has been sometime, Bill...how blessed I feel to have found you at a time of crisis in my life. You have blessed so many through your faithfulness, your integrity, your counseling, your mission...you are super-Mormon as far as I'm concerned. :) Seriously, when you hear the saying about bringing ONE to Christ.... I can't begin to imagine all the ONES you and your family have brought to the Gospel and to peace in their lives. Bless you all and prayers always for RaNae's continued healing. With love and gratitude, Roxanne

  2. Hello, President McKee! I am working on a story for The Tennessean that involves the Mormon faith and was hoping to talk to you for it. Could you call me at 615-726-5977 or email hhall@tennessean.com? (I am Bob Smietana's successor.) Thank you! -- Heidi Hall