Sunday, April 14, 2013

TNM Mission update:

To family and friends,
We are continually receiving blessings of healing and miracles continue to happen in a variety of ways. Sister McKee is still marching forth. She is a bit frustrated at her progress with her eye and dizziness but I keep reminding her that she only remembers the past  weeks while we all remember her hospital stay and the incredible progress that she has been making. Her headaches have subsided substantially. We are dealing now mostly with balance issues and sight. She still sees everything double and triple . They have made a black contact for one eye which will help somewhat so that she walks with a patched eye in a sense. This helps her function in groups and helps somewhat with the dizziness. She is weak still and must take breaks during the day as the chest pain reoccurs quite often with any stress throughout the day. She has become very wise on balance and what she can and cannot do. I have to say that I am completely amazed at how independent that she has become. We are still dealing with some left arm abilities but other than that she handles things very well. The Lord has been so good to us and we acknowledge all of you for your prayers and faith. I told Sister McKee not too long ago that the Lord might be worried about all of these prayerful people praying on her behalf and had to send her back to us. She is truly a miracle as are all of you.

We continue to be involved in the hastening of the work. I am sure that many of you picked up from General Conference the big push on the missionary effort (FUN) and hope that you are having success in your own individual areas. We have received over 60 missionaries in our last two transfers and will receive 7 more tomorrow only one week after our last transfer. We are so blessed but I can say that it taxes every area of the mission as we work so hard to find living quarters for all, trainers for all, transportation for all and medical arrangements for all. When you think of 65,000 young men and women out serving throughout the world , with an additional 20,000 who have received their calls, it is one of the most exciting things happening on this earth. We have the greatest message on the earth and the world certainly needs it now more than any other time.
Here in the Tennessee Nashville Mission we have a new ward being formed in the Franklin Stake next week and a new Branch being organized in the McMinnville Stake with one more on the horizon in Hopkinsville and one in Cookeville. It is so exciting to see that the chapels are full here with such a need to expand and build others. We actually have one Stake now that you can drive across in less than 20 minutes which has been unheard of out here as the wards and stakes cover such a large geographical area. Many of our stakes have high counselors that travel 1-3 hours to a high council meeting. This is changing rapidly though as the wards are divided and the church continues to grow. We really do have a shortage of meetinghouses which becomes our greatest challenge.

Over the last three weeks we have held a Spanish conference for our Spanish missionaries. We have around 30 Spanish missionaries which cover 12 -14 Branches and ward. The local Spanish ward has around 400 members in it with surrounding Branches that have any where from 30-200 members in them. The Spanish work is very strong here. We also held our zone leader training which has now turned in to Missionary Leadership training as so many Sisters have entered the field. We have always invited 5 Sisters to come to this training in the past as I believed that their input was so valuable for the mission. The new program will have Sister Leader Trainers that will come from each zone to this monthly training meeting. We finished interviewing over 200 missionaries over the last few weeks and loved every minute of traveling through the mission and meeting with each missionary individually.
Two weeks from now the Nashville Tribute Band is going to put on four firesides throughout the mission in an effort to invite those who have ears to hear about the Gospel. They perform throughout the world. One of their members is in the band “Diamond Rio” and has performed for many years with them. They have written songs about the gospel and about missionary service. The spirit reaches so many people through them and they are doing this all for free.

Last night Nathan Pacheco performed in Nashville. He is a singer , similar to Josh Groben who has performed all over the world. He lives here in Nashville with his family and is in our Stake. If you are interested in him at all look him up on utube. He is the heart throb of many women in the world and serves here in his ward in a very humble way. He is a great example of a Latter Day Saint throughout the world.

Michelle flew back home to Wyoming last week. We so appreciated her help. She drove Sister McKee to out patient therapy when needed and to other areas. We so appreciate the sacrifice of her family for being here. Sister McKee is doing so much better in this new out patient rehab program. The Vanderbilt out patient rehabe Pi beta Phi kept wanting her to use a walker which she is determined not to use and she has done so much better in this new rehab. It is a Baptist rehab in Cool Springs. Kylie will be flying out tomorrow for her spring break and that will be a wonderful help to Sister McKee and the family. Thank you.

We are so grateful for the Book of Mormon and continually find people who love the Bible who would also love the teachings of Christ in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon, testifies of Christ, it teaches of Christ  and stands as a witness to Christ in these the latter days. Anyone who loves the Bible will love the Book of Mormon as it reinforces so many of the teachings of Christ in the Bible and continue to serve as a second witness of this  wonderful Book. How grateful we are in these latter days to have a second witness about Christ and a prophet called in these latter days. We were so blessed to hear the prophets and Apostles at conference time and find such value in being trained by them. The Lord is mindful of each of us and carefully guides us to truth each day. We challenge each of you to continually read in the Book of Mormon and discover the beautiful truths that exist there and the answers to questions of the soul. We know that this Book is true and are so happy that there is a second witness of Jesus Christ and His atonement. We love the Bible and the Book of Mormon and know that they go hand in hand and that the Lord’s truths are taught through them. Thank you again for your love and support. Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your dedication to the Lord and His gospel.

Love, President and Sister McKee, Angie, Aubrey, Kiara, and Destini, ie Grandma and Grandpa, DAD and MOM


  1. It is so exciting to hear of the tremendous growth of the TNM, both in missionaries and in church membership! You are handling the difficult logistics like true champions!

  2. P.S. WE LOVE Nathan Pacheco! I actually didn't know that he lived in Nashville. He just went up another notch on my fan-o-meter. :)