Monday, February 11, 2013


Dear Friends and Family, 

One of our good missionaries that returned home several months ago called me this last week. After inquiring about his successes in life and the wonderful opportunities that lie before him he said,” I still haven’t quite figured out the “balance” that you and I talked about before I left the mission field.  He is making so many healthy and spiritual choices and still felt this loss of balance somehow even though he was balancing all “great” things. My heart shifted back to Sister McKee again as I thought, “That is exactly what we are working on after all these weeks in the hospital, BALANCE.” This is the thing that I talk to our missionaries over and over about and now it is the biggest issue for Sister McKee. We smile as we walk down that long hallway together as she cannot walk alone. She will walk very straight for a moment and then in seconds her body starts to weave with all sense of balance completely gone and without the proper support she would topple into a wall or any other unforeseen object. We have formed quite a strong team in supporting her, making sure that she never goes anywhere with out a “spotter” so that she will always be in “balance”. In this way she can function quite well as long as energy lasts and go and do a few things.

I have been thinking how important it is to stay “Balanced” in life with all of the many commitments that come our way. We each have so many demands and so much expected from us wherever we turn. The world , if we allow it, can quickly throw us “out of balance” even with many great things. I am learning to trust in the Savior more and to allow the spirit to let me know what the proper “balance” is. What are those eternal priorities and what can take the back stage for a while. Each of us are at different stages in life and each day sometimes moves us to a different balance. In reflecting on this to the missionaries I used the analogy of a bucket of water. We are each carrying a bucket of water up and down the hills of life. The bucket itself symbolizes the Lord’s commandments or the standard of excellence that He expects of us all. It forms a solid structure and within that bucket we each are sloshing around a bit but with wisdom we can maintain a moving “Balance”and stay within the  boundaries that the Lord has set so that we get to our destination safely. If we get too “out of balance” we will spill out of the bucket or actually over turn our bucket and the water will go outside of the boundaries that the Lord has set.

In Jacob 6:12 the Lord states,” Oh be wise , what can I say more”. It is so important that we listen to the spirit and “Be wise” as we seek our “Balance” every day. Maybe our balance will require a support person for a period. Maybe it will require a moment of meditation and prayer. Maybe it will require more service for someone or maybe it will require a quiet night at home but we each know (the spirit tells us) what we need to be doing to “keep in balance”. We have certainly been out of balance these last few months but within that realm have found some way while depending on the Lord to capture a “balance” within an “out of balance” setting so that we could keep all of our water in the bucket as we sloshed up and down the hills. King Benjamin taught the people in Mosiah 2:17 to learn wisdom and later in Alma the Lord taught us to “Learn wisdom in thy youth. As we do this we will listen to the spirit and act according to the Lord’s counsel and “Balance” and then we will build our “house upon a rock” like the wise man in lll Nephi 4:24, 25

As we build our houses upon the “Rock” of the Savior, He promises us that He will help us maintain our “BALANCE” in life so that we can return to Him safely on that journey. As we practice the “Balance” of walking , nausea, headaches, family schedules, 170  missionaries(with 80 more on the horizon) and full time missions……..(you can finish the list for your own lives) , we are beginning to understand the Lord’s hand in the incredible journey. Each challenge is custom made for each of us personally and each day creates another opportunity for growth and “new balance”. The thing that gets in our way and probably yours at times is : always trying to do it our way instead of the Lord’s way. He knows what we will go through and He has a plan for our “Balance” as we put our hand in His. This is the faith part. This is the time to trust the Lord and to know that “all will be well”. He said when He left this earth,”Peace I leave with you , My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled , neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27

Sister McKee and I attended church today with our family for the first time since November. It was a glorious day. As we participated in the sacrament and utilized the atonement one more time I thank the Lord again for the “balance” that He provided for each one of us by removing our sins and weaknesses. Sister McKee is going to out patient therapy three days a week and meeting often with an eye doctor to assist her left eye to move into position. It is about half way there. Because our son Michael was here last week I was able to train at our Zone Leader Council which we held at the Mission Home. Sister McKee came out and ate lunch with our missionaries . Michael went home on Friday and Jared and Brittany are here now to support us. I also held a training for 80 of our missionaries who are new in the field with their trainers on Thursday. We are so grateful for all of our children and their support so that we could continue on in our missionary service. Jared and Angie were even asked to speak in church today. Thank you again to all of you for your love, prayers and support. We do feel your prayers and know that even though Sister McKee is home that she has a huge mountain to climb. We will do our best to “balance” that water in the bucket as we carry it over the tops of mountains and encourage you’all to follow the spirit an do the same. We love you.

Finishing Mom's Bread

Mom at the Green Hills Ward Volleyball game

The William McKee Family  


  1. We are so very grateful that you are doing so well! We thank our loving and most gracious Father and his son Jesus Christ for their ever watchful eye and care over you and your sweet family! You all are in our continued prayers and we think of you daily! May the Lord continue to watch over and bless you in your climb upward, and may you know of our love for you always!!

    Ed and Sara Christensen and family!!

  2. I so enjoy reading the reporst on Sister McKee and partake of the wonderful messages that are woven into the updated reports...Such a great blessing that she is continuing to make progress, with the family step by step with her in the journey to recovery...I love the analogy of the water bucket in describing "Balancing life"

    God Bless!
    Bro. Kees

  3. A very interesting and a nice blog.
    Greatings from Portugal