Monday, October 15, 2012

Part 2: Miracles

Here are some miracles from missionaries in the Tennessee Nashville Mission--We Love 'em! 
Taken a year ago (TNM)

  • “We currently have 7 baptism dates set all within this month and the first week of November. On top of that we have a ton of investigators who we will get to set dates with as well. Each day I’m learning and growing and continue to feel my Heavenly Fathers love for me. 

"Just last night one of our families brother and sister…. had a date set for Nov 1. Before the lesson started they said they had something to tell us. We couldn’t tell if it was bad or good so we just said that we will teach them first and tell us after. Well right when we were done they said that they prayed together yesterday and want to be baptized on October 20 instead. Its amazing we said why? (he) said that he was waiting for his wife to say so and they decided together. He also has had a dream (that he thought was real) that we gave him a bracelet made out of brown shells like a Polynesian bracelet that had a small chain and had a shield shape to it with initials that said CTR!! He had no idea what that stood for or meant. It was amazing. We said it was a sign to him.”

  • “Also this Saturday we have another baptism and another one schedule the following Saturday! Miracles are truly happening all around us!”

“Conference was incredible. We had a faith building moment where our investigator India called us 10 minutes after we had talked about plans for Gen Con and she said she had to work. She said she didn't want to disappoint us and we said, "India this isn't about us. Pray and ask God what He wants you to do tomorrow." Needless to say, she came to watch conference. Her baptism is still scheduled for this Saturday”

“we had a great time teaching that class at Cumberland University.  The teacher wants missionaries to teach another class about the church in a year we gave him contact information to contact the office”

  • “it really made me sit back and think "Do I love Christ?" and "How much do I love Christ?" and has been very humbling to think about my love for my Savior and how I can increase it, especially as I feed His sheep.”

“The temple was a very special experience, as it has been over 7 months since my last visit to the temple. I was strengthened and renewed as I spent much time praying in the Celestial room. I recommitted with the Lord to serve him with all my heart, might, mind and strength, while striving daily to "put off the natural man."

  • “! And with the miracle we had last night on how Robert fell into chewing tobacco again but as soon as he put it in his mouth he heard a voice tell him "don't do it Robert, you need to be baptized with your wife on Saturday." What an amazing experience! The Youngs are truly some great people and they will be a great addition…”.

“ It truly is an exciting time to be a Mormon Missionary! I hope millions take up Elder Nelson's invitation to 'ask the missionaries.'”

  • ..because I was feeling and recognizing the Spirit. I had some apartments in mind to go visit and we started walking and I made sure I was paying attention to what I felt and what the Spirit directed me to do. ………. I did not know where to go so I sat and pondered. I felt we should take a road I had never been on so we went and walked down that road. I was looking for houses that we should knock, but a feeling did not come that we should go knock any particular house. We arrived at the end and I had an impression to go to the local post office to pick up my companion’s  package. The post office was on the left at the end of this road so it was about 30 seconds walking there. We arrived and were waiting in line and an older lady approached us and asked if we were with the church Romney goes to. We said Yes and then she asked us if we had a Book of Mormon. We said yes and gave her an English copy and a card and she left. That experience deepened my testimony about this work and how it is guided by God and when we allow God to guide us He guides people to us. One of the biggest things I learned was that He guides us by the little thoughts and impressions we receive. The Spirit is the key in this work and Heavenly Father is teaching me how to use it.”

“This next week we are going to be doing a zone Book of Mormon challenge where we are going to try to pass out 150 copies of the Book of Mormon in one week.”

  • “During conference the girl we set a date with last week asked when she was getting baptized and I asked when she wanted to, and she replied with, "anytime, I'm excited and ready."  So miracles are happening! 

”  We have been going around and offering to give people’s homes blessings and it is working great!  Especially with members we are getting referrals every time we have done it with members.  And it is helping us find new investigators as well! “

  • ” Jaymee did end up getting baptized in Chicago! She had a lot of opposition from her family and friends but she went through with it because she knew that God told her to get baptized. We are so proud of her and her decision to follow God. We were texting with her when she was gone and she told us about how her Dad reacted and she told us that she just told him I asked God a specific question and God gave me a specific answer and she said she wouldn't postpone her baptism. It was so great to see such a strong conversion in her. I love that you have been talking to us a lot lately about how we need to make sure we are teaching for spiritual conversion..”

” Sunday morning we had a mother and son walk in to come to church and they stayed and watched conference we are going to be teaching them this week. Then we had our baptism and it was wonderful his family came and we hope to start teaching them the spirit was very strong in the room. Then we had an appointment after and we set another date! i feel like we floated home.”

  • “.. we had 3 investigators at conference and they each brought a non member friend, and there was a part member family that came so altogether we had 7 non members there. it was great!”

“I have such a strong testimony of being exactly obedient! This week we were blessed to be referred to a family of 8 who we are going to start teaching!”

  • “It was great this week to be able to listen to General Conference and hear the living Apostles and Prophets speak to us. It was great to be spiritually feed and uplifted I was able to receive revelation on what I can do and what I can do better. I wish that everyone in the world could have listened to conference.”

President and Sister McKee, and family...

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