Monday, September 24, 2012

Elder Adams Birthday Party

Sunday, Sept. 23, we drove to Tompkinsville, KY to speak for their meetings there.  We love going to different places in the mission and seeing the amazing sights there.  The girls are getting used to the road trips.  They have been so great to sing everywhere we go.  Their songs really bring the Spirit to our meetings.  
Our Road Trip to Tompkinsville KY  9/23/12
I know some people who should move here!!!
"Hello......President McKee!"

Awwww...cute sisters!

A Flag Pole in the yard of a Kentucky home. 

A home in Kentucky.

Fields of tobacco....better known as "backer"

Crossing the line into Kentucky!

A trailer home in Kentucky.

Fields in Kentucky.

More fields in Kentucky...

The trees in the south border the roads for as long as you can see!

Someone likes tractors!

Going home again.....

More trees......beautiful!
Here we are celebrating  a birthday for Elder Adams, our AP from Sacramento California .

The birthday dinner......

Elder and Sister Packer from Kaysville UT.  "Our office Angels"

Elder & Sister Hunt from Portland, Oregon  "more office Angels"

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